Avalible Styles

  • EVERYDAY, this has all the features of the designer rear carrier bags without the fashion, Black says conservative but functional. Blend in with everyday life.

    PAWS, is designed to express every ones love for pets. With this PAWS print, you can express "Lets go into the world and have some fun today". The bold red leash design in the lid and the PAWS print show you are the true animal lover.

    WANTED was designed with the Outdoorsman in mind. Whether it is Spot and Stalking Wild Bore in the South, chasing Whitetail in Midwest, taunting a big rainbow trout to bite out West, or calling for a bull mouse up North.


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Welcome to 2CubeIt

"In today's life of high gas prices and smaller cars, space for passengers, luggage, and everyday items is becoming less. You, your friends or family don't have to be uncomfortably immersed in your belongings. Reclaim your comfort zone and let The Cube provide the extra cargo space that you need."

The 2CubeIt rear carrier cargo bag is constructed of water resistant material and is completely element proof. Keeping all of your items safe from damaging wearer conditions. The bag can hold up to 10 cubic square feet and is held together with fiberglass rods creating a sturdy frame. This allows the bag to stand upright while empty or full. The rods can be removed from the bag when not in use and stored in the compact carrying case.